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Children’s Programs

Roundup Fellowship’s programs for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are designed with care and experience. Each program includes supportive teaching and appropriate behavioral techniques nurtured in a loving community-based environment.  Our goal is to prepare your child for their future.

Roundup School

Offered in Colorado Springs

The Roundup School and Day Treatment in Colorado Springs, serving 30 students, was developed for students from kindergarten through high school graduation who are unable to succeed in a more traditional school setting. We offer a therapeutic, small-group setting where students receive individualized attention. Our curriculum focuses on individualized curriculum in all subject areas, social skills, life skills, behavior management, emotional regulation training, community integration, and vocational training.

Every student’s needs are individually evaluated, and goals are set during their educational planning meetings.


We Serve Students:

  • Grades K – 21 years of age who have specialized needs.
  • Children who need behavior management training.
  • Children with co-existing mental health diagnosis. 
  • Other conditions, such as head injuries.

To learn more about Roundup School and Day Treatment, please contact the school.

Children’s Residential

Two Family Homes Offered in Colorado Springs

Our children’s program, located in Colorado Springs, includes two Residential Child Care Families (RCCFs) that serve a maximum of 10 children between the ages of 5 and 18 years old.  We provide a warm, loving atmosphere helping children to learn socially acceptable behavior and develop skills for everyday living.

Individualized programs and therapeutic interventions are implemented by well-trained staff. Children who live in our residential programs typically need help with behavior management, social skills, emotional training, self-help, and community interaction skills.


Our Homes Offer:

  • Family-like homes for 4-8 residents located in typical neighborhoods.
  • 24-hour wake supervision.
  • Opportunities to grow and learn in a safe, structured environment.
  • Emphasis on communication, emotional training, life, and social skills education.
  • Positive behavior management with a focus on self-control.
  • Individualized assessment and program development.
  • Collaboration with families and other service providers.

We Serve:

  • Boys and girls ages 5-20 years old.
  • Children requiring cognitive, skill, and behavior management training. 
  • Children with co-occurring diagnosis.
  • Children with other handicapping conditions, such as head injuries.

* We will not accept children who have chronic substance abuse problems or individuals who require regular restraint or locked doors.

Family Caregiver

The Family Caregiver Program allows an individual to receive service with paid support from a family member. This service needs to be rendered in the individual’s own home. The family member is required to take necessary training and must be able to provide the service when needed physically. The family member will be contracted to provide the service. The goal of this program is to offer support so individuals can stay in their family home while getting support from the agency to navigate waiver services and community resources.